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  • Josh Simpson

    Josh Simpson

    PhD Researcher, Strathclyde University

  • jonaтнan ☺️

    jonaтнan ☺️

  • Ingrid Green

    Ingrid Green

    Founder of Drones 4 Girls.

  • Violeta


    Multipassionate coach for creative rebels, who are tired of following everyone else's rules and want to kick ass in their own way. http://violetanedkova.com

  • Jonathan Champ

    Jonathan Champ

    Meaning Business #writing #comms #internalcomms #leadership #engagement #IABC #IABCAPAC #csr #collaboration #story #screenwriting #media #change #benojo

  • Ben Holfeld

    Ben Holfeld

    Traveler. Developer. Innovator Creator of @HolfeldApps. Language Apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

  • Jamie Pallas

    Jamie Pallas

  • Arcadio Maxwell

    Arcadio Maxwell

    Design & Code

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